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What is USAY?

USAY is a universal commenting system. This means you can use USAY to comment on anything on the web. That includes websites, images, articles, songs, podcasts, twitter pages, anything.

What are the BENEFITS of USAY?

Never sign-in again, to comment on any website in the world

Your email adress is safe with USAY, it will not be shared

Comment on the go with our Mobile Android and iOS apps

What other ADVANTAGES does USAY Offer?

You can use USay's free commenting system on your own website without even getting the addon or becoming a member. Many people have a small site for personal use, and can't afford to add a comments thread to it. Now it's easy. Simply copy this code snippet

<a href=" TITLE OF YOUR PAGE&description=THE URL OF YOUR PAGE" target="new">GOTOCOMMENTS!</a>

and paste it into the html of your own website, wherever you wish the GOTOCOMMENTS link to appear. Change the title ("NAME OF YOUR SITE OR PAGE" in the code), the description ("THE URL OF YOUR PAGE" in the code) and how you wish the link to appear (GOTOCOMMENTS in the code).

When your viewers click it, they will be taken to your comments page. And no, they won't need to have the addon, either. Nor will they need to be registered, as they can also use our GUEST access functionality (as well as read your comments without even that).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we ever be asked to pay for USay?

At the moment we are developing many new features and functionalities for USay, even a mobile app which is going to blow your minds (stay tuned!). Most of these new features will be free to the registered user, although we do envision some features which will require a payment. But you will NEVER be asked to pay for any of the features that USay currently has. USay's basic function, to provide a free and easy commenting system to anyone, anywhere, will always remain free.

Why does my avatar image look skewed?

Since USay doesn't host your avatar image, you have to find one on the web and link to it through your profile page. As we've set the default size at 120px x 120px, you'll need to use an image as close to square-shaped as possible.

Can I Post With Links, Images and Different Styles?

In short, yes. There are some limitations, but the posting of links and images is allowed, as well as using italics and bolding in the comments.

For instance, posting this html into your comment <a href="">MIT</a> will result in the following:


And posting this html into your comment <img src=""> will result in the following:

You can italicize your text <i>italics</i>


And bold it <b>bold</b>


Or even both at once <b><i>bold and italics</i></b>

bold and italics

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